This Precious Stone set in the Silver Sea - 2020

For this video project, my aim was to try to represent the mayhem experienced in the UK during the time of Brexit. The passions felt and expressed on both sides are represented through rapid-fire collage and stop-frame animation. In the standoff between Leave and Remain there were ideological differences, but behaviours also took on a tribal or animalistic character. The opposing opinions became stronger leading up to Friday 31st January 2020, which was the day the U.K officially left the European Union. Within the video, the chaos is seen looking through a window. On the one hand, this is a reminder of our own perspective on the world and our own entrenched position. But on the other, within the frame of the window, we perhaps see everything from a new perspective. Reliving the strong emotions of Brexit, we perhaps see irrationality rather than reasoned political debate. In any event, the battle of Brexit was soon to seem quite trivial in comparison with what was to come. Looking through the window in the end becomes a reminder of the time that would follow. A time where the country is finally united in an era of lockdown.

Full video will be presented at the private view scheduled for 2nd June 2020.

Caroline Davies

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