Passing Clouds - 2020

This series explores clouds and their meanings in the context of the imposed coronavirus lockdown. The clouds have been used as both a metaphor and pathetic fallacy as they mirror my own states of mind during lockdown. Urban society is full of routine and predictability. This is contrasted by the unpredictability within clouds as they offer a refreshing escape from the patterns of everyday life, especially during lockdown, introducing an element of randomness and chance as they reflect moods. Whilst being confined to my home, I began to view clouds as a form of release. Taking more notice of their meteorological significance and their ever changing patterns this offered a heightened visual experience that heavily contrasted with the monotony of being restricted to your house, a never changing environment.

I have used diptych format to try to represent contrasting moods and the quickly changing states of mind that we seem to suffer under lockdown. 

Full project will be shown during the Private View on 2nd June


Jess Ehrler 

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