My work centres on landscape and addresses representations of time. In this project, I explore ‘markers’ in the landscape that denote the presence of wartime defences that have accumulated over the centuries.


Marks of Conflict is a long-term project exploring historic structures that have been built to defend the nation from invasion. In the most recent series of images, I combine structures of traditional defence (the ‘pill boxes’ of WWII) with imagery associated with a more current notion of invasion. The South East of England has become an entry point for migrants hoping to evade the barriers that control settlement in the UK.  For some, this is seen as a battle against a new enemy. For others, the rules of entry are harsh and lack humanity. In either case, the concrete structures of defence take on the presence of a monolithic barrier. They might be seen as representing an entrenched set of values or a legal and bureaucratic system that is effective in resisting. Built to last, these antiquated structures have the presence of something insurmountable and unyielding.


Marks of Conflict – Borders 

A series of 4 images and a video installation juxtaposing traditional structures of defence with the battle against ‘illegal’ immigration. The use of found images and videos projected onto historic defences alludes to the clandestine, often nocturnal, attempts to cross UK borders by an ‘enemy’ that takes on the mantle of invisibility.  The work poses questions regarding our national stance against ‘illegal’ immigration.

Full project will be shown during the Private View on 2nd June 

Paul Burgess LRPS 

P Burgess BA FMP Final Marks of Conflict
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